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A Guide To Cellar And Basement Conversion

How to make the most of your under-house space in Worcestershire.

Increasingly people are looking for innovative ways to make the most of the space available to them in their home. For decades extensions and loft conversions have been the automatic choice for homeowners looking to extend, but for those with older houses with existing storage space below, another option is becoming more and more popular.

Why convert your cellar or basement?

Basement and cellar conversion can be a cost effective way of creating desirable living space from what may be a dark, damp, and unpleasant area. Getting a specialist firm for the job will ensure the work is carried out to the highest quality standards, maximising your investment and ensuring the space fulfils its purpose. Along with your contractor there are a number of things that need to be considered:

  • Planning Regulations: for most conversions planning permission will not be required. All you will have to do is notify the authorities that the space has changed use from storage to living space. Planning permission may be required if the floor is being lowered to create added head room, but this may fall under Permitted Development rights.
  • Think about the intended use of the space. Adding an external entrance and a good natural light source will give you more flexibility and improve the value of the project. Head room is a consideration, as is the stair access.
  • Waterproofing: The two main systems for keeping an underground space dry are tanking and the cavity drain membrane system. Ask your contractor or County Basements for more information on the pros and cons.
  • Utilities And Connectivity: your converted space can be fitted with new plumbing, electrical and lighting systems, as well as anything else you need.

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Helping People Make The Most Of Their Homes

At County Basements we are proud to help people find space they didn’t know they had with cellar conversions. Working in Worcestershire, we turn dark, damp uninhabitable under-house areas into bright, comfortable rooms that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Spaces That Works For Your Home

Recent work we have undertaken has included a conversion for a couple renovating an Edwardian property. The cellar space was unusable as it was, and the owners wanted to have it converted as part of their work on the house as a whole.

We assessed the space and planned the work, taking account of the need for damp proofing, making the most of the natural light source, and wiring. On discussion the clients decided the floor would be lowered too, to increase the head height of the room.

The work we undertook successfully created a large welcoming space, with integrated lighting, heating, and a sink area. The room was beautifully finished ready to become a home gym.

Expanding Families

Another client was a family with a 30’s semi-detached house, where they had lived for over two decades. In that time the basement had been used for storage, being fairly dry, but unsuitable for habitation. The family decided it was time to extend their home into the cellar properly when parents/grandparents were to move in.

As with many of our cellar conversions, the work allowed the basement area to become an additional living space: a bed-sitting room with its own external entrance onto the back lawn, and an en suite WC and shower-room.

The extended space meant they were able to stay in their family home and comfortably welcome additional family members.

Find Out More

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Finishing Ideas to Make Your New Basement Look Great

Once you’ve been through the cellar or basement conversion process there are many different ways to make your basement the amazing space you’ve always wanted.

Adding colour, texture, and decorative features can make a big difference, as can lighting, and furnishing. Depending on the planned use for your new space, there are a huge range of inspiring ideas that can make the finishing touches great fun to do.

Decoration: with most basements you are likely to have a smallish room and potentially a lower ceiling than for the rest of your house. Clever decoration can help keep the space feeling airy or you could use darker colours to create a cosy den like space, ideal for kicking back and watching moves.

Use wallpaper, paint, or even wood panelling to create a room that you can love, and which will become a much used part of the house.

Lighting: with lower ceiling space probably ruling out statement chandeliers, basements are well suited to subtle spot lighting. Fitted spot lights will create a modern feel that provides a soft, warm light that is great for anything from bedrooms, to home gyms.

Furnishing and accessories: built in furniture can be a good option for smaller basements where space is at a premium. Accessories too can be a creative way of getting the feel you want for a space – mirrors are always useful in tight spaces and or use a striking standard lamp to make a design statement.

Quality basement conversions from County Basements

With a County cellar or basement conversion you can be sure that the finished result will be the perfect foundation for your ideas. Waterproofing can be the ideal solution for creating additional living space, so why not find out more about basement or cellar conversion for your home.