Cellar Tanking

Tanking is a method of structural waterproofing, used in waterproofing basements, cellars, decks and lift pits.

At County Basements we are experts in tanking and other structural waterproofing techniques, which are often used in our basement conversions in Worcester, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Malvern, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Stratford Upon Avon, Birmingham and beyond.

What Is Tanking?

Tanking is defined as a type A (barrier protection) waterproofing solution by BS8102, the British Standard for ‘Protection of structures against water from the ground’.

As the name suggests, this solution uses a barrier to create a tank, with sealed junctions at the walls and floor. This uninterrupted barrier then keeps moisture locked out.

Cavity Drain

An increasingly popular method of structural waterproofing is the cavity drain membrane system. This is a type C (drained protection) solution that can be used to make existing and new basements waterproof.

Cavity drain membrane systems use carefully designed drainage to divert water to a sump, or suitable drainage point, from where it can be pumped safely away.

This kind of solution has the additional benefit that it doesn’t place any additional pressure on the structure itself.

Why look to County Basements for tanking and structural waterproofing solutions?

Our surveyors and technicians are fully qualified and experienced in the design and installation of both types of systems: tanking and cavity drain. We are members of the PCA (Property Care Association)

This professional body can help you make sure that work in waterproofing your cellar or basement is carried out by a properly qualified team. Anything less could lead to costly and damaging mistakes.

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