Cellar Conversion

Local Cellar Conversion Specialist

Our service creates beautiful, useful cellar conversions for homes and businesses in Worcestershire and UK.

Why Convert Your Cellar?

Many original cellars are dingy, damp and musty rooms, with low ceilings. But with the help of a locally renowned firm of qualified surveyors and technicians, you could soon have a warm, attractive space for an office, bedroom, gym, or games room.

Why do local homeowners and property developers choose County Basements?

We can demonstrate that we are qualified to undertake the job of waterproofing your cellar, as our work is specified and overseen by CSSW surveyors, who work to BS8102, the British Standard for ‘Protection of structures against water from the ground’, and the Property Care Association’s code of practice for underground waterproofing.

We offer guarantees on our work, including an insurer backed guarantee.

These safeguards are important as faulty or inappropriate water proofing can lead to costly damage and an unusable cellar space. With County Basements you know your property is in good hands.

About Underground Waterproofing

Before an unconverted cellar space can be habitable it needs to be properly waterproofed. There are modern methods for protecting your underground space from the incursion of water:

  • Tanking: This is a Type A (barrier protection) system, as defined in BS8102. In tanking a sealed and uninterrupted barrier is created with careful detailing at junctions to ensure a watertight ‘tank’.
  • Cavity drain membrane system: This is classed as Type C or ‘drained protection’, which is an active system that manages the ingress of water, draining it away from the cellar or basement to a suitable point, where it can be pumped away.

Our surveyors and technicians are experts in the specification and installation of both of these methods of waterproofing.

Get in touch today to find out more about our cellar conversion and satisfied clients in Worcestershire and further afield.