Basement Conversion

County Basements provide fully qualified and guaranteed basement services for homes and businesses in Worcestershire and locally.

How Do We Convert Your Basement Or Cellar Space?

The main issue with older basements is inadequate water proofing, which leads to the mildew, unpleasant smell and cold feel of many underground spaces.

We have two highly effective structural waterproofing methods for eliminating these issues and creating a warm, appealing living space:

  • Tanking keeps water out by creating a complete barrier between the damp basement walls and the internal space. It is defined by the British Standard for ‘Protection of structures against water from the ground’ BS8102 as a barrier protection (type A).
  • Cavity drain membrane systems (type C) are designed to control water entering the basement by draining it into a sump and pumping to remove it. This system has the advantage of not placing any additional pressure on the structure.

Structural waterproofing protects your new basement from ground water including a high water table, and nearby leaks from mains water pipes, or faulty rainwater removal systems.

County Basements provide only 100% qualified and professional waterproofing.

Our CSSW qualified surveyors and our trained technicians are experts in the design and application of tanking and cavity drain membrane systems. With County Basements you can be sure that the quality and specification of our work meets the highest industry standards.

Making The Basement Part Of Your Home

Your basement can be improved with increased headroom and other considerations such as fire or emergency escape routes. Once the damp problem has been resolved, it can be finished with plastering, flooring and other fixtures and fittings. Your new basement can be used for anything from a play room to a gym or office.

Add flexible, habitable space to your home with a basement conversions in Worcestershire.